August 2004  

Volume 1, Number 4


Current IT Issues

  • Last Windows Update is causing problems with peer-to-peer network setups.

  • Many businesses in T&T are using wireless systems which are unsecured!

  • Save yourself TT$800+! Let EZNeTT install your TSTT ADSL router for your business.

  • Replace that USB TSTT DSL residential modem with a better solution!

  • Still doing AntiVirus updates on your LAN manually? Use McAfee's Protection Pilot product and administer all your clients' antivirus from one desktop!

  • Let EZNeTT configure and have a reputable local Dell Supplier supply your new PC's, laptops, printers, etc- all delivered to your door!



What We Do

  • LAN/WAN Connectivity

  • AntiVirus Solutions- desktop & corporate/servers

  • RFP's for upgrades/new equipment

  • 2nd opinions on IT issues

  • Mailservers

  • Employee Internet Management Systems

  • FireWalls/Securing your WAN connection

  • Inter-Office connectivity

  • Multiple-machine Internet connectivity

  • ADSL installations

  • Resolution of most Hardware & Operating System issues

  • Secure internal wireless LAN connections to your Internet link

  • Much more!




Who do you trust?

You've got this project to do, and decide to hire a consultant. But, sure enough, someone else in your Dept might have his own "IT Guy" who knows how to do this!


So many cooks....

So he checks his "IT Guy" who gives his TT$0.02 and even produces a quote. Then this other person in your Dept comes along, and says he knows someone too. So you get a second quote.

You think- hey, this is going good, right?


Everyone's got a way

Before you know it, you've got like ten different opinions on how this can be done, and several quotes. The problem arises- as the methods differ, you can't do an apples-to-apples comparison, leaving you stuck.


Throw me a lifeline!

You could choose one of two routes (or a combination of both):

  1. Hire a turnkey-solution consultant who can handle all the needs, then provide a single point of payment.

  2. Do as much research as you can using the WWW, and ask the prospective vendors some directed questions (see below)


How to choose?

Choice # 1 is pretty straightforward, providing that the consultant keeps you abreast of all the stages and contacts you for clarification on certain matters.

If you choose #2, you'll learn quite a lot about the project, and can possibly manage the entire process yourself. But you'll need to decide if the vendors are worth their salt. Ask a few questions such as :

  • Have you done previous projects such as this? Tell me a little about them.

  • Do you have all the tools, or would you be procuring for this project? (if applicable)

  • Do you offer a warranty for your work?

  • What are your terms & conditions?

  • (based on the research you did) Ask specific questions about how the vendor intends to handle a situation or part of the project

  • What about fallback procedures, should a problem arise?

  • Safety as a priority for the vendor, as well as your staff

  • Any other suitable questions for your environment



Go on- try it

Some turnkey consultants give you a free assessment or perhaps some advice on how to get started; don't miss the opportunity to get it done right the first time- try it!




Secure your wireless NOW!

The local IT sector is having fun driving around, locating many wireless hotpots which are unsecured.

By that, it means that they can possibly use your bandwidth to access the Internet, or, if your whole network isn't secure, gain access to your data!


Guaranteed to work the first time!

All of EZNeTT's wireless solutions are 100% SECURE, and virtually impenetrable, as we use all the necessary tools to ensure that your systems & data are protected.

Do you have a wireless solution in place and aren't sure if you're secure? Contact EZNeTT today!


Gregory Mohammed

Principal Consultant