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The Formation of EZNeTT


In May 2003, the Cross Island PipeLine Project (CIPP) Office needed local IT Support to setup their Office. Meetings were held between Gregory Mohammed, IT Consultant, and the clients. After being chosen to do the LAN & infrastructure setups, Gregory then decided to register a company.


The name "EZNeTT" was registered on June 18th, 2003- its meaning being a combination of the first initials of Gregory's two children, plus the core focus of the business- networking.


The double-T's (TT) signify the twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.


The EZNeTT clientele soon grew to other Energy-Sector companies, which are still being serviced today.


Its no secret that most large IT Companies lack personalised, fast-turnaround per request IT Support; therefore EZNeTT prides itself on high levels of Quality of Service (QoS) to all clients, as we keep our numbers small and manageable.


EZNeTT hopes to fulfill all current and future customers' needs with the same high level of service & support- why not contact us today?


Our IT Guy – Gregory Mohammed, Principal Consultant

In the course of a 15-year career in various computing and telecommunications areas, Gregory Mohammed has proven to be an expertly skilled computing professional, exuding astute troubleshooting and support skills.  His humble beginnings started in the mainframe era of the Neal and Massy Group of Companies, where he also gained valuable experience in data communications.


Armed with the knowledge that personal computers and local area networks were quickly becoming key in businesses, Gregory then proceeded into the area of LAN Administration for BWIA West Indies Airways and AtlanticLNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago, where he stabilized and upgraded systems numbering past 500 in some cases, as well as implemented cutting-edge products, improving response and uptimes for the companies.


Gregory has implemented solutions to improve the security of the company’s networks, administered mail and antivirus servers for each, and even migrated a company from one product to a competitor’s groupware offering. As a consultant, his forward-thinking focus on wireless solutions has given a company the advantage of being able to relocate offices and be up and running within 24hours of notice- both internally and Internet access-wise.


Vice Presidents of organizations have written testimonials the like of  "Under Gregory’s stewardship, the Company enjoyed over 99% reliability of network systems and he commanded the respect of all for his dedication to duty and efficiency.“ Not to mention the character-based: “He has excellent character, is a popular figure in the office and on occasion, engages us with his sense of humour.” 


Gregory holds an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and has been trained in Microsoft and NetWare network operating systems, Cisco, CheckPoint products and most recently:



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