July  2004  

Volume 1, Number 3


Current IT Issues

  • Hotmail accounts are now 250Mb. Yahoo email is 100Mb, and Google's GMail is supposed to be 1Gb. Why bother to get anything else?

  • Save yourself TT$800+! Let EZNeTT install your TSTT ADSL router for your business.

  • Replace that USB TSTT DSL residential modem with a better solution! Contact us for details.

  • Still doing AntiVirus updates on your LAN manually? Use McAfee's Protection Pilot product and administer all your clients' antivirus from one desktop! Contact EZNeTT for more.

  • If your current antivirus solution updates daily, that may not be enough times to catch some of the new viruses out there. Set it to multiple times daily, if possible.

  • Let EZNeTT configure and have a reputable local Dell Supplier supply your new PC's, laptops, printers, etc- all delivered to your door!




I, Remote

Teleworking or Telecommuting- the ability to connect to your employer's network whilst working from home- is becoming more viable in Trinidad, as residential DSL links become affordable.


I use a VPN- I'm safe!

You're 24x7 connected to the Internet using your DSL link, and you're running all the latest personal firewalls, antivirus, etc, so you're happy.

You then have to fire up this Virtual Private Network (VPN) client on your machine, to connect to your drives & other resources @ the workplace- really neat stuff- feels like you're sitting at your desk, eh?


The Tunnel (not another hang out)

When you connect to your network via VPN, the idea is to encrypt your data transmissions only in a secure tunnel. (i.e. what information flows between yourself & the network) This prevents people from snooping on your data whilst in-transit. It's like putting your files & emails in an armoured car and sending them off.


Yikes! I can do that?

But what if your PC is already infected by some worm or perhaps a 2nd PC on your home LAN is capable of doing the same? The VPN is supposed to only transmit what is necessary, right?

Well, if you're ill and you sit in an armoured car to go somewhere, do you automatically get better as you enter?

Of course not- so, if your PC (or another) is infected, it can, and possibly will- send those infected files into your corporate network!


Where's my blankie?

Some companies invest in a VPN solution which places a proverbial security blanket over your home PC, providing the same level of antiviral and Windows-patches protection as the work-PC's.

That's quite a costly solution, and is mostly only fit for larger enterprises.

If you're running a smaller shop, you may be at risk letting your employees access their files directly.

Perhaps you can choose from the built-in tools for remote access (e.g. Terminal Services) which won't allow direct access to the drives; consult your IT Guy today for more ideas, and please- don't be the one responsible for infecting your corporate network- it won't be a pretty sight!



What We Do

  • LAN/WAN Connectivity

  • AntiVirus Solutions- desktop & corporate/servers

  • RFP's for upgrades/new equipment

  • 2nd opinions on IT issues

  • Mailservers

  • Employee Internet Management Systems

  • FireWalls/Securing your WAN connection

  • Inter-Office connectivity

  • Multiple-machine Internet connectivity

  • ADSL installations

  • Resolution of most Hardware & Operating System issues

  • Secure internal wireless LAN connections to your Internet link

  • Much more!



Assess Yourself

Asking yourself these questions?

Who can help me with my IT needs?
What hardware, software and services do I need?
How do I set up my new network?
Your Answer: EZNeTT's Network Assessment

Let us come to your office and perform a Network Assessment. Whether you need a brand new network, are considering a wireless network, or just want an expert to make sure your network is secure, we can help.

Easy Steps:
The Network Assessment is the first step toward a Secure Network Solution:

1) Our consultant will come to your office to review your technology objectives. A price for the assessment will be set @ that point, based on the number of machines you have.

2) Based on information gathered, we will draft a Network Solution Proposal which details required hardware and software and includes a deployment price.

3) If you agree to the proposal, our consultant will return to deploy your customised solution- the cost of the initial assessment will be factored back into the solution, effectively making that initial investment FREE of charge!



 visit http://EZNeTT.com

Gregory Mohammed

Principal Consultant