May  2004

Volume 1, Number 1





Current IT Issues

  • Google IPO out soon

  • SASSER Worm & its variants are running wild. Do your NOW!

  • Still using that OEM built-in WEP Security in your wireless router? Get with the WPA times!

  • Upgrade that slow dialup connection- ADSL is available almost everywhere, as long as you have a phone line!

  • Running MSExchange or Lotus Notes? There are antivirus specials on now- FREE spam software, even! Email us for details.

What We Do

  • LAN/WAN Connectivity

  • AntiVirus Solutions

  • RFP's for upgrades/new equipment

  • 2nd opinions on IT issues

  • Mailservers

  • Domain Registrations

  • Employee Internet Management Systems

  • FireWalls/Securing your WAN connection

  • Inter-Office connectivity

  • Much more!


My IT Guy

We’ve all heard it uttered before:  “I’ll ask my IT Guy about this” when faced with a problem on your PC.   It seems everyone has an “IT Guy” these days, the definition being someone working in an IT Dept somewhere who they know personally and can call up at a moment’s notice.



Ace up your sleeve

You feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that you’ve got this “Ace” up your sleeve, should your internal IT people give you the slip or are too busy to sort out your needs.



Social Engineering

It’s generally not good security practice to ask for outside IT assistance, as you may divulge some weaknesses in your company’s setup (this is known as “social engineering”), plus your “IT Guy” isn’t fully aware of all the systems and policies in place, so he’ll be operating in a vacuum; this could cause more harm than good!

Think about it- do you call up another security firm when the one you have can't deal with a situation? You either have to live with them, or hire another firm.



The Choices one must make

You could run off and train yourself in the myriad disciplines of IT, or, hire a consultant to give a second opinion.

The role of the consultant isn’t only to solve issues, but they can also take a look at your existing systems and suggest more efficient and cost-effective ways to keep you up and running.   



Preventative Maintenance

The consultant can also give valuable information on preventative measures, which help keep your critical systems up and humming smoothly. Not to mention satisfying stringent audit requirements which usually slip past us; note that they’re necessary “evils” we need to implement as part of our Safety Net which equals peaceful, sleep-filled nights! Most IT Guys may not have the time to help you with this



Show your Support

Remember that free advice comes with no guarantee of support, so ensure that your business is properly supported with a proper agreement from an IT Consultant who will devote the resources to you and your systems!





Our IT Guy – Gregory Mohammed, Principal Consultant

In the course of a 15-year career in various computing and telecommunications areas, Gregory Mohammed has proven to be an expertly skilled computing professional, exuding astute troubleshooting and support skills.  His humble beginnings started in the mainframe era of the Neal and Massy Group of Companies, where he also gained valuable experience in data communications.


Armed with the knowledge that personal computers and local area networks were quickly becoming key in businesses, Gregory then proceeded into the area of LAN Administration for BWIA West Indies Airways and AtlanticLNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago, where he stabilized and upgraded systems numbering past 500 in some cases, as well as implemented cutting-edge products, improving response and uptimes for the companies.


Gregory has implemented solutions to improve the security of the company’s networks, administered mail and antivirus servers for each, and even migrated a company from one product to a competitor’s groupware offering. As a consultant, his forward-thinking focus on wireless solutions has given a company the advantage of being able to relocate offices and be up and running within 24hours of notice- both internally and Internet access-wise.


Vice Presidents of organizations have written testimonials the like of  "Under Gregory’s stewardship, the Company enjoyed over 99% reliability of network systems and he commanded the respect of all for his dedication to duty and efficiency.“ Not to mention the character-based: “He has excellent character, is a popular figure in the office and on occasion, engages us with his sense of humour.” 


Gregory holds an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology and has been trained in Microsoft and NetWare network operating systems, Cisco and CheckPoint products.



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Gregory Mohammed

Principal Consultant