October 2004  

Volume 1, Number 6


Current IT Issues

  • WinXP Service Pack 2- install at your own risk, but note that you may still need a full-blown firewall.

  • Intel releases a hybrid 32/64-bit Xeon processor for servers.

  • Already got GMail? Look out for GBrowser soon.

  • Cell-phone service on commercial flights by 2006.

  • EZNeTT now offers password recovery services for any Windows OS, including Windows Servers & Domain Controllers.

  • If you run WinXP and haven't upgraded to SP2, do your Windows Updates to protect your machines from the GDI+ exploit



WinXP SP2- Should you apply?

WindowsXP Service Pack2- should you apply it? If you haven't already, use the old- "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach. Chances are good that you could affect something that's already properly working. In the corporate environment, test it on a development/non-production platform first.


Features abound

The most outstanding feature seems to be the built-in firewall, which is turned on by default. As it doesn't do outbound scanning and some worms exploit that, it may be a good idea to have a 'backup' firewall. Note that augmenting your gateway firewall with

desktop ones offers superior protection for 'known-port' exploits

(e.g.port 80, 21, etc are known open ports). I also appreciate

the improvements to Outlook Express' security.


The Summary

After an hour-long install on my speed-demon 1Ghz machine (hey, you ever saw a mechanic driving a Porsche that was his?) all worked fine. I was impressed by the report which noted that I had McAfee VirusScan running, and that it reported up-to-date. Nice touch.

The background work of SP2's firewall becomes evident when you visit a popup-enabled site, and IE gives you feedback, plus other areas.


Should I?

Some software vendors (e.g. Symantec, Adobe) have posted notifications on their websites regarding issues with WinXP SP2; you should check that information out before applying the service pack.


EZNeTT recommends applying Windows XP SP2.





What We Do

  • LAN/WAN Connectivity

  • AntiVirus Solutions- desktop & corporate/servers

  • Password recovery on Domain Controllers

  • RFP's for upgrades/new equipment

  • 2nd opinions on IT issues

  • Mailservers

  • Employee Internet Management Systems

  • FireWalls/Securing your WAN connection

  • Inter-Office connectivity

  • Multiple-machine Internet connectivity

  • ADSL installations

  • Resolution of most Hardware & Operating System issues

  • Secure internal wireless LAN connections to your Internet link

  • Much more!






Upgrade or New?

You've got a few old Win9x PC's still running on your LAN, doing their jobs, but you're thinking of giving the user an early Christmas present. The question is- do you upgrade the PC, or check the budget to see if you allocated funds for a new purchase?


Show me the money!

Is it just a money issue? One school of thought says so- and if you've already got a monitor, keyboard and mouse, why spend $$ on new ones? So you choose to upgrade.

You do the studies and get prices from the local vendors for the required parts- new motherboard, new hard drive, memory, cpu, video card. That should do it.

Each product comes with its own warranty, so you're covered.


PennyWise, Trouble-Foolish...

The bigger question is- do you have the internal IT resources to track and handle all the issues which may arise out of incompatibilities or failures? Even if you did have the resources, do they have the time?

Some IT Dept's opt to increase the memory or a larger hard drive to lengthen the life of existing systems, depending on the users' requirements.


A new purchase usually covers the whole system in terms of warranty, drivers, troubleshooting, etc. As a whole, it's a lot easier to troubleshoot and repair new systems.


A word to the wise

Whilst I have nothing against "clone/no-name" systems, if your vendor will offer you at least three (3) years' 'phone and on-site support for your existing hardware & software, go for it.


Based on many years of experience dealing with just about any brand and no-name PC out there, EZNeTT recommends new  Dell PC's and Peripherals.



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Gregory Mohammed

Principal Consultant