September 2004                                                                                                                       Volume 1, Number 5






Gregory Mohammed is now a:



What this means for you:

McAfee has released VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i with built-in Firewall, Spyware, Adware, Password Crackers prevention, etc.

Aside from the award-winning virus scanning and prevention, you now have these enhanced features all in one manageable console, using Protection Pilot. These enhancements (especially spyware) are most welcome at this time, given the high number of incidents.



Upgrading is an option!

EZNeTT can configure a fresh installation, or upgrade your existing version to the latest, ensuring that you are fully protected, without future investment in 3rd-party products to keep your systems safe. We can even changeout your other solution to provide you with complete protection- from gateway to mailserver to desktop.



The face of security has changed

Because most web browsers are allowed full access through your LAN's hardware-based firewall, spyware and new worms target known open ports, allowing free access to your desktop! It has now become necessary to take the next step and firewall your desktops individually to stop the spread of the worms especially.

McAfee's solutions allow for a single-administration point (Protection Pilot or ePO) to select and enforce an appropriate enterprise-wide policy for all the desktops in your organisation.



Feel comfy n' cozy...

Knowing that you can have a certified, experienced installation done should help you make that now!




What We Do

LAN/WAN Connectivity

AntiVirus Solutions- desktop & corporate/servers

RFP's for upgrades/new equipment

2nd opinions on IT issues


Employee Internet Management Systems

FireWalls/Securing your WAN connection

Inter-Office connectivity

Multiple-machine Internet connectivity

ADSL installations

Resolution of most Hardware & Operating System issues

Secure internal wireless LAN connections to your Internet link

Much more!



Gregory Mohammed

Principal Consultant